New e-book for Jamaican Professionals

kingston.gifMy first e-book is available for free for a limited time.

The title is “2Time Capturing – a Time Management Fundamental for Jamaican Professionals“.

While it is written for the Jamaican professional, it has wide applicability to all professionals. It’s just that I find the environment here in Kingston, in particular, to be so very challenging compared to what I remember of living in the U.S. Our professionals cannot easily use any of the static approaches that have been developed overseas, which led me to frustration with all the systems I could find, and got me on the road to creating the 2Time system.

So, my inspiration to develop this kinder, gentler approach came from my move from Fort Lauderdale to Kingston, and this e-book is tribute to the difference in culture I have found.

It is being offered for free for the next few days as a download from the following site.:

The public release will happen sometime on Monday, and then I guarantee that it will be available for free for only three days. Tel yuh frien’ dem!

Also, if anyone has any comments on the e-book, just click on the word Comments at the bottom of this post. I would love to hear from those who have downloaded it!


One Response to “New e-book for Jamaican Professionals”

  1. Donna Blake Says:

    Very useful: practical but not oversimplified, and yet not overwhelming. The tone expresses understanding of the real problems and is not dismissive of the attempts to put life in order that have until now been failing to some degree. I commend you on a very good book. Hope it does well. Not sure if I can make it to your class this next week, but I do enjoy reading the blog.


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